Ryan + Becca: The key to marrying your high school sweetheart

Ryan and Becca have been together since high school and are getting married this coming year!! I can not wait for their wedding, let me tell you. These two are so kind, talented and the BEST hosts. I have to be honest though...it's a little dangerous going to their house. Becca if you're reading this - I mean this is the best way possible! I have NEVER known someone who is such an attentive hostess. She makes sure your glass is ALWAYS full and your belly is filled too haha. The glass always being full part? That's the dangerous bit. Pretty sure the last time we were I had to have cameron carry me to the guest room. and the time before that Allana and I laughed our way to the floor. Becca and Ryan are such great pals and they're always up for a little adventure. We've broken into a haunted castle that is hundreds of years old and explored by moonlight, we've all nearly fallen out over board games, we've tumbled down stone stairways hidden by back alleys in small coastal towns of Scotland and unfortunately lost a favourite pair of jeans to that tumble (and maybe sprained an ankle or two). Recently, we've ventured into another coastal harbour town on the East Coast of Fife Scotland and taken some "engagement/pre-wedding/couples just because" photos. We had a whale (haha) of a time and meandered down the pier at sunset while I captured imaged of them in front of cotton candy skies and then moved to the beach where they ended up with some unexpected pictures with someone else's children and a couple of adorable dogs! Ryan and Becca were down with it all.. and importantly we got some great shots of them sharing ice cream afterwards. Pretty sure Ryan had scottish tablet which Becca does not enjoy.. and he tried feeding her some!!! We also got some very intimate images of my husband-to-be Cameron and Ryan together. They are after all very old friends! More than a decade of friendship makes you that comfortable in your friendship!!!

They (Ryan and Becca!!) are so happy and so in love and have been for some time... I'll have to ask them what the key is too such a long wonderful relationship and foremost, friendship.

In the mean time,

I'd say the key to marrying your high school sweet is... first date someone in high school that you love... and then keep dating them.. and finally marry them. For some of us this may mean going back in time. For some of us it means just marrying our best friends. No matter when you met your S.O. as long as they're you're sweet heart whenever you met them is special.

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