Laura + Tim's Amsterdam Couples Session

LAURA AND TIM. Where do I even start? I met Laura halfway through my master’s degree in Scotland at the University of St Andrews. Laura was completing her master’s in another field at the same time. We met through a mutual friend and the rest was history. We got to know each other over pub quizzes at the Whey Pat, drinks with the rest of my master’s group, and at the end of the year, we all had a midnight - 4 am celebration to commemorate our thesis’ hand ins! That is where I had the pleasure of meeting Laura’s husband Tim! They are both from the Netherlands, and currently living in Amsterdam. They were a few years apart in high school in a town outside of Amsterdam. Laura thought Tim was pretty cute and seemed nice but never really talked to him much and apparently he though the same thing… when years later she was finishing her undergraduate degree and she happened to sit next to him on a train in Amsterdam! Within days, he had friended and messaged her on Facebook, and then they went on a date, kept dating and finally, they got married and spent the day with their friends and family! They are together and living in the beautiful city of amsterdam, riding bikes, eating cookies from caffeinated coffee shop (an actual shop of coffee that sells family friendly cookies guys - I know what you were thinking) and just being all around amazing people.

Fast forward, to when he was working in Amsterdam, she got accepted to do a year of study at the university of st andrews and that’s how she and I were able to meet in St Andrews! Fast forward even further and after we both finished I was going to be in Amsterdam with some friends and Cameron and I met up with her and her husband so we could all catch up and sneak some amazing photos in some of the most beautiful parks and off the beaten path roads in the outer rings of Amsterdam. I won't lie though, avoiding all the cars in the streets and the bikes that FLEW by was quite a work out and required some creativity on all of our parts! I feel so blessed to have been able to capture these two. Honestly I felt so warm and fuzzy watching them interact and the joy in each other’s eyes honestly made me melt. I hope you guys feel the same… Check out these images in Rembrandts Rose Garden Park to a secret little book store on the road side and just traipsing around some of the most expensive real estate in the ‘Dam pretending like we lived there.... Thank you Laura and Tim for letting me capture all this fiery sweet goodness!

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