Jess & Dàire's Beach Session: Two Scientists and Some Sharks!

Jess and Dàire are literally the coolest couple I know. Pet dragon owners and lovers of reptiles and shark chasers, oh my? These two met on a fantastic research excursion a few years back. Both are scientists and currently pursuing their PhDs. They are witty, smart and up for anything. Whether its trekking barefoot with me over rocks, pebbles and pointy stones, and slimy sea scum or sleeping on a hammock in the Gulf to watch sharks and save baby pigs from nasty tourists, these two are the bee’s knees. And did I forget to mention?? They have great taste in colours and clothes!

This was a day filled with little adventures and big emotion! These two reminded me why I enjoy capturing the love of couples and how important it is to document your love story. Photos press pause on life's bigger adventures. When Jess & Dàire look back at these images years from now, I hope it doesn't just remind them of WHAT they did that day, but how they FELT while doing it. I want their crazy fun genuine emotion to be the star of the show.... although the backdrop and their outfits were pretty on point too.

I met Jess this past fall when she joined the same research group as me at the University of St Andrews. SO GLAD THAT SHE DID!!! She is so easy going and kind and Dàire is just as great. I'm so glad I got to spend the day soaking in their kindness and laughter and intention together as a couple. So, take a look and check 'em out! You won’t be sorry! Their story is beautiful and so are they.

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