James + Diana's Spicy Salsa Shoot

James + Diana .... a.k.a. the fieriest sexiest couple I have ever met. Honest to god, these two are some of the most fun people to hang out with. They are spirited debaters, both super intelligent and then you put a camera near them and holy smokeshow. They are salsa-ing, frolicking and loving all up on each other in the most photographable fantastic way possible. We (James, Diana, Cameron and I) had some wine beforehand on the beach as it got close to sunset … and when I say some wine.. we had a good amount of wine. Gotta stay hydrated for running around on the beach, am I right? Or amiright? As golden hour was upon us we hopped down from the grass onto the sandy Scottish beach and began running to and fro along the coast and into the water, chasing the sunset all the way.

Now, let me say, I knew James from my undergraduate degree in Bio and Neuroscience and we ended up being in the same master’s of research program together! Truth be told, James is a straight up cutie! But what I didn’t know was how AMAZING his girlfriend was in every way (and guys let me tell ya before you even look at the pictures DIANA IS GORGEOUS!). She’s from Poland, he’s from the UK, they’ve had many an adventure, one which included James having to lift Diana off of a metal fence when it LITERALLY impaled her. I think Diana mentioned something about it being James idea to climb the fence and he said she may have slipped? Who instigated that event?? We’ll never know. I think it’s one of those Rachel and Ross WE WERE ON A BREAK scenarios but obviously a different situation hahahaha. Anyways, we had a fabulous time. I had music on and I knew they danced but I didn’t know that they could DANCE!! They were SPICY and moved in such great sync and rhythm! It was so much movement, and fun and laughter and I barely had to give them prompts because so much of their movement was their own. Slower moments in the song and brief pauses correlated to the STEAMYYYYYY moments that I was able to capture. HOLY MOLY ME OH MY. Photogs reading this - If you ever want to capture every range and type of motion AND emotion on the spectrum - get yourself a couple that can dance, and specifically, get yourself a couple that can salsa. From the drop and dips to the spins, shakes, and embraces it was amazing and you could literally see the chemistry these two have!!

A little splash in the beach cooled everyone’s feet off while some tourists watched in confusion as we all looked silly running around. We meandered back to the top of the beach and as we parted ways with James & Diana, we headed home and they went off on another adventure that evening that included a sneaky entrance into a ball! SO GLAD THAT YOU TWO TRUSTED ME TO CAPTURE YOUR LOVE STORY! Love you two to bits.

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