Do you travel? We're located in Colorado/Italy/Maine, etc. not CT.

YES, of course! In fact, check out a session from Amsterdam last year. It's a fave of mine! Or this one from St Andrews, East Sands Beach in Scotland! I provide custom quotes for travel just for you when you inquire for a couples session or wedding / elopement. 

Do you give out raws raws? 

No, I absolutely do not. My clients trust me with crafting their session images into custom art that they'll treasure and hopefully happy cry about!! Custom editing a raw image into the final artwork that I give you is a huge part of my process. My clients love my style and know that I deliver what I promise! 


Agh! This is our first profession shoot, what the HECK do we wear?

- Don't worry! When you book with me, I'll send you a guide that outlines things to focus on during your prep, and things to avoid so you'll end with the pictures of your dreams in outfits that you L-O-V-E and you'll be relaxed while you prepare and pick outfits! I also have some super cute pinterest inspo'!

Girl, what about my wedding timeline? I've Obvs never planned a wedding before! Can you help me?

- Of course! I'm your go to girl. I'm here so you can dish about the planning process and get some guidance! I can also hold your lipstick and keep a couple tissues handy if need be on your special day. In fact, any brides who book with me receive a special gift following booking that provides all the tips and tricks and helpful hints I've come across throughout my time photographing weddings (and as a bride). Think of me as one of the girls! 

What happens if there's bad weather? The forecast definitely says it's going to rain or be overcast at least. 

- Honestly, I don't believe in bad weather! I say enjoy it! Overcast skies create beautiful soft light, while rain or snow can produce dramatic and gorgeous (also definitely sexy) shots! Dangerous weather is something else and in that case the first step is to look for alternate space indoors. There are so many magical, cozy, fun, often intimate indoor locations when you need them! Think old library, cool coffee shop, museum, brewery etc. And the thought of being cozy while a storm is brewing adds to the romantic and intimate ambiance. 

What if we have to cancel or reschedule?

In the event that you must cancel, the non-refundable retainer (and any funds already spent on booking travel necessities) will not be refunded as it is to book me for the date you reserve and I can not take any other bookings on that date. When you booked me, I blocked off that date specially for you! I may even turn other inquiries away that day. Rescheduling would require a new non-refundable retainer in the form of full payment at the time booking.

What if you can't come to my wedding?!

- The ONLY way I won't be at your wedding is if I'm in the hospital and can not leave. In that case, I would do my absolute best to find you a replacement whom I trust and would rely on 100% to photograph your day in the same way that I would. I will still edit your images. Although I'm not contractually obligated to do so, I would try to find one! Your wedding day is so important and I like to have contingencies in place. If not, you would receive a full refund.

How many images do we get?

I don't love to give a specific number because every shoot and wedding is different but I do want to be clear that I never hold onto images that you could be LOVING or even just liking. I deliver every non-sneezing, in focus, non duplicate image that I take so you can enjoy every bit of the time you spent together (well - unless the sneeze was super funny... then you might see that delivered too!).

So you've mentioned elopements a couple times, what's up with that?

- It is all about you two. Free of everything and anything else any pressures or any traditions that don't resonate with you, which a lot of my couples do for intimate weddings and larger weddings. Another thing that sets an elopement apart is that its usually just the two of you and maybe a handful of other people for SOME part of the day. Ultimately, it is doing exactly what is most natural for you two, free of pressure, doing whatever you dreamed about doing together on your special day! Adventuring, cliff jumping, ANYTHING. I may even recommend full day coverage for an elopement... Ask me about it here


I trust that you'll make us look amazing, but how do you make sure we're not being awkward?!

Well a huge part of your experience started when you hopped on here and got to know a little about me and t continues as I get to know a lot about you! I can tell you chapters about the lives of all my couples, because they became friends, they weren’t just clients. I see this part of the process, not as a job, but as a privilege. That I get to know my couples intimately and enhance their experience by creating a comfortable space for them to be themselves, and not feel awkward, is how I help you. AND I won’t make you hold awkward stiff poses for a long time. I infuse movement into our time together and create movement based prompts. When you book I give you even more info about what to expect so you won't have an ounce of awkward to think about!

Can I bring our dogs? 

- YES! If ever there were a question I could answer with a completely enthusiastic and genuine response it's this one! Pets are always welcome.

Will you be sneaky and photograph a surprise engagement for my girlfriend and me?

- HECK YES! Again, is this even a question?! I have some pretty badass ways to capture the magic! And some great ways to make sure she/he doesn't find out!

What is your favourite part of being a photographer?

My favorite part of being a photographer is the amazement on my clients faces and in their voices the moment they understand just how beautiful and joyous their everyday actions are. The moment of recognition, when they see sneak peeks or their final gallery, and they understand, truly, why I had them interact so honestly. Because it translates! It shows up, because you two did. That moment is everything! It reiterates that photography isn't just something you look at it, it's a feeling and a way to have impact in my couples' lives. It cultivates joy and reinforces just how valuable small every day actions are through the prompts I choose for you two. I want couples to look back and feel loved like they had a wonderful experience, that's my favourite.

Also, to continue, all the dancing, and all the fun, and all of the love that goes into planning every session or wedding, and all of YOU!! 

Can you photoshop us at all?

I love capturing the real you, and I'm a really big supporter or body positivity and you loving you. While I am happy to edit out temporary things - i.e. bumps, bruises, acne -, I don't change or edit anything else! It would totally go against everything that your experience is about. If there is something that makes you particularly uncomfortable let me know and I can keep that in mind while we shoot!

Have any more questions? Ask away my dears:

OK YES! We're ready! how do we book? Head over to this little baby right here and fill out an inquiry, let me know if you're ready to book and if I have your date available, we can get to know each other, have you sign a contract and pay your non-refundable 50% retainer and we are all ready to do this thing!